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MCL's lead consultant:

Molly Chesney DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer

Molly has had a diverse career, which has been built on experiential, action oriented and strategically focussed experiences

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The early days - 1995 to 2001

Very early on in my career, I was an Executive Assistant at one of the 'Big Five' global accountancy firms.  Working alongside the senior partner, I assumed responsibility for marketing the Nottingham office - arranging dinners, conferences and maintaining a contact database - allowing the partners to network and maintain contact with local business.  I started my marketing qualifications here but the context wasn't quite right...

Craving development - 2001 to 2004

Without a marketing mentor, I felt my marketing development was limited - and this is when I moved into my first formal marketing role.  I began working as marketing assistant and later marketing project manager for a small full-service marketing agency in Newark.  We looked after small, start up, medium sized and some global businesses - both in the B2B and B2C markets.  Being mentored by a Chartered Marketer, and Fellow  of the CIM ensured I learned from the best - which really helped my studies.  We won awards, our clients won awards; we produced newsletters, managed PR, events, research projecs and numerous design and print projects - it was an excellent career choice.

Developing advertising skills - 2004 to 2006

When the marketing agency relocated to Cheltenham, it was time for me to find a new career direction - and that is when I moved into advertising.  For more than two years I took the A46 from Newark to Leicester, to work for a leading Advertising and PR Agency in the East Midlands.  Covering the whole of the UK, principally looking after the advertising and print requirements for a number of house-builders - at any one time over-seeing in excess of 40 housing developments. Each site needed an identity which suited the target audience; each needed marketing collateral, a launch plan and an ongoing advertising programme in the local press (these were the days before the dominance of RightMove). 

Cross-functional leadership - 2006 to 2016

I'll be honest - the A46 South West became hard work - the journey to Leicester was tough and I felt I needed a new direction.  I found the opportunity in a totally different direction.... Lincoln (A46 North East!)  The opportunity which presented itself was a niche, market-leading business which needed someone to head up the in-house design function, including producing brochures, leaflets, advertising, design. Over the decade my role developed, to include heading up the entire marketing function. I operated at Executive level; and under my leadership we developed and implemented the group-wide marketing strategy; created and launched a leading property index; generated sales campaigns; built a transactional website which saw improvements on all of the key metrics for online sales - site visibility, traffic, on-page optimisation and conversion rates.  However, after ten years I felt my work there was done - and it was time for the next challenge...   

My own business - 2016 to today... 

Being a senior manager and a functional leader is hugely rewarding - being responsible for overseeing and steering hugely successful projects and initiatives is immensely satisfying.  However, I needed to get back to the coal-face of business almost replicating my very early career - but with in excess of a decade more experience under my belt.  And so here starts the next stage of my journey....   

Working with small and medium sized businesses -  those which don't have a marketing director, or a head of marketing of their own - they simply don't need someone full-time and they don't want to appoint a solution-focused agency.  What I bring is over 20 years of hands-on, forward-thinking, action oriented strategic marketing expertise.  I help form strategy and navigate a new route for business success. 

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