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Case Studies

See below for examples of Molly's comprehensive experience

Imported Layers

Events with a difference, and a purpose...

Encouraging Top-Executives to give up their precious time to attend your event can only be achieved with a seriously impressive selling point. Molly managed a superbly successful networking event at which the then President of the CBI, Lord Digby Jones agreed to speak. The prestigious dinner, held within the fabulous Newstead Abbey, was attended by Chief Executives, Finance Directors and Managing Directors of a number of well established East Midlands businesses - the guests hand-picked by the Nottingham Office of a global accountancy firm. 

Research project - Ipsos MORI

When one of the brands Molly worked with  considered  launching existing products to a new, and unknown, audience, we appointed experts in Consumer Research, Ipsos MORI to speak directly to target customers to understand first hand about their wants and needs.  

The research proved a worthwhile investment, revealing untapped opportunities and provided inspiration for messaging and positioning strategies.  

PR - Maximising PR opportunities

Molly was working with a leading business in the Lettings industry, and we believed there was significant value within the data the operation gleaned on a day-to-day basis. 

We were right, and we successfully launched a leading property index in 2012.  The interest from the press was extensive and wide ranging - and right through to today continues to be covered each month within broadcast media, mainstream press both in the UK and overseas, as well featuring in the trade press. Watch Molly commenting on the BBC news    

New homes market-expertise

One of the agencies with which Molly worked looked after some well-established names within the UK property industry.  As Account Manager, her work included initial creation of the housing development's 'personality' through to executing extensive multi-media advertising programmes.  We arranged launch events and shone the spotlight on particular properties with unique promotional activities.  We worked on a wide range of developments across the UK - from high-end exclusive riverside developments, seriously impressive city-centre apartments right through to the all-important first step on the ladder starter homes.  

Winning awards

Nothing says more about a company's credentials than the accolade that comes with winning well-respected awards. Over the years, Molly has produced 'air-punchingly' successful submissions for a range of brilliant achievements, including: Prestigious housing developments; Best-in-class website; Innovative sales campaigns; together with a Top Industry award for Best Supplier;  and even earned an accreditation as a 'Best Company to Work For'. Always a pleasure!

Web conversion improvements

Developing and launching a significantly improved online web journey - this digital project was successfully launched in 2016. The approach the project team took was to create a 'user-led user journey' breaking down every question and every step in the buying process, to rebuild it using customer feedback.  The results from the redesigned website was instant with sales more than doubling almost overnight! Dramatically improved online conversion rates were supplemented by strengthened organic traffic levels. Read more here

The Lettings Market

Molly's role as Head of Marketing has seen her operate within in the UK's private rented sector for ten years.  Over this time, she supported this major UK-wide supplier to the industry to win new customers, grow sales and achieve superior competitor advantage.  

All this was achieved against a backdrop of the UK entering a deep property recession, declining home ownership, increased market regulation and a sharp rise in competition.  

Communications - change of ownership

Companies change hands all the the time in the UK. However if the internal and external communications is poorly managed, then this can unsteady staff and be an unwelcome distraction for the Management Team leading the sales process.  Throughout the sales process of one particular business Molly worked behind the scenes, whilst the final details were being agreed, to develop a range of positive and reassuring  messages to announce the change in ownership to all stakeholders.  The result: carefully crafted communications facilitated the successful transition. 

PR - Crisis Management

Every business carries the risk that customers may be unsatisfied with a product or service. In order to protect the brand's reputation Molly executed swift and professional, precise and ultra-sensitive management.  

Gathering the facts, engaging the leadership team and crucially ensuring extremely close dialogue with all parties ensured a swift and pain-free resolution.   

UK Insurance market

Molly has spent a considerable time in her career in the Insurance industry - covering everything from point of sale promotions, online sales channel development, competitor research -as well as taking a detailed looking at customer's real-life experiences to adapt the product being offered.   

As an FCA-regulated industry there can be close oversight from the regulators, therefore encouraging and demonstrating a culture where the fair treatment of customers is at its heart to ensuring that Treating Customers Fairly was paramount.