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What to expect from a fixed price Consultancy

Once appointed, and prior to the first meeting, MCL will undertake background research into the dynamics of your particular industry, and identify the key players and any recent changes in legislation that your business can either capitalise on, or needs to address.

MCL will then spend two to four hours with the business owner, or member(s) of the leadership team to understand the current strategy, challenges, risks and any un-fulfilled opportunities. This scoping session will include gathering details about the company’s financial position; the product portfolio and the stages of development that each product is at; together with details of the relative profitability of each product.

This detail provides relevant background, and forms the foundation of the next stage – production of the summary strategic position, strategic options and tactical initiatives.

The format will vary - however for every report you can expect to receive:

• Summary vision

• Assessment of the current micro, meso and macro environment

• Summary of competitor activity

• Opportunity/threat matrix

• Summary of growth opportunities

• Initial positioning recommendations

• Next steps

The report will be presented to the business owner or leadership team. Following presentation, MCL will undertake approximately five hours on-site with relevant team members to prepare and plan implementation of the proposed tactics.

All work completed by MCL will be kept confidential, and will be covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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